IPad as Music Production Hub?
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What hardware and software would you use to assemble a lightweight music production kit for audio recording and/or sequencing using the iPad as the "hub?"

I'm looking for suggestions for audio inputs (balanced) and outputs (any), keyboards, portable and/or bluetooth nearfields, on the hardware side, and sequencing and recording apps, on the software side.

I've already got plenty of pro gear, and I've got some ideas about how to do the whole iPad thing, but I was hoping the kind people of the Green would lend me their ideas as I'm sure I'm overlooking many, many possibilities.
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Best answer: I can't contribute directly, but you might be interested in this thread on Something Awful (title: iOS music production: The ReBirth of the MS-20) which is a rundown of a bunch of production and synthesis apps for iOS. If you can't view it, MeFi mail me.
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I don't think there exists a "whole iPad thing" yet, though there does seem to be some vaporware available.
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Response by poster: Thanks proj, that's very helpful on the software side.
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Response by poster: Just to follow up, I don't have a full production set up yet, but NanoStudio on an iPad absolutely rocks balls. On the iPhone, it's kinda gee-wiz cool, but on the iPad it's actually useful.
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