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Please help me find a long-term, in-patient alcohol recovery facility for my Kansas-based 41 y.o. brother.

My brother is an alcoholic and has been through rehab (28-day style) five times. Immediately after completing his most recent stint in rehab (in September) he went home and promptly started drinking again. Last Thursday afternoon my mom called and told me my brother had called her at 3am and said that he needed help/to go to the emergency room immediately or he was going to kill himself. This is not the first time he's admitted to putting a shotgun in his mouth, although before we've always found out about it after he sobers up.

Despite my brother's problems, he and I are, or at least were, at one point, very close, as are my mother and I. She and I (and my youngest brother) are all trying to figure out what to do in this situation, as things have escalated to a point of crisis that we've never dealt with before. We are all very familiar with AA, Al-Anon and the like, since sadly to say, my family is riddled with alcoholics. My dad is a now-sober alcoholic, as is one of my uncles, and I have two other uncles (on both mom's and dad's side of the families) who have committed suicide due to alcohol.

We've solicited suggestions from various sources: counselors at the rehab facility my brother was most recently in, social workers at the hospital, local AA chapters, his doctor, etc., but it seems they either don't know about longer-term (minimum three months) facilities or there just aren't any in Kansas (which is what I suspect.) I've also spent hours online and have searched past AskMe threads trying to find facilities in Kansas and surrounding states but to no avail. (Actually, there is one facility that we know of in Oklahoma, which is where my brother is now. However, it appears to be not very well run, and while my brother is willing to stay there for a couple of weeks while we try to locate other places, I don't feel optimistic about a successful stay there longer term.)

My brother says he does not want to drink again and that he wants to be someplace safe for a few months while he sorts himself out. He realizes that he has both psychological and physical issues that are major contributors to his disease. He has been diagnosed as bi-polar and depressed, and has been on medication for both. However, he does not take his meds consistently as he says they make him "feel weird" and affect his libido. (I know, I know...)

So, to my question: do you or anyone you know have recommendations for not astronomically priced (i.e., no Betty Ford) long-term alcohol or drug rehab facilities that focus on treating the whole person as well as their disease? Mid-west locations are preferred but at this point all geographic options are on the table. Throwaway email is:

Thank you.
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The Teresa McGovern Center, named for the daughter of George McGovern, is a dual-diagnosis center here in Madison, WI. I don't know if it offers longer-term services, though I suspect that they may because of the complications of dual diagnoses. I've never heard anything bad about it; although the nature of their services precludes much publicity, I'm also glad that (despite dealing with severe and persistent issues impacting behavior) I've never heard about any incidents involving clients or staff. A friend's uncle was there once, and although it was naturally an upsetting situation, I believe that things turned out well.

I'm sorry that your family is going through this. Best wishes as you navigate your options.
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Thank you (and thanks for your suggestion - I'll check it out!) but I'm okay with posting non-anonymously.
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If there are any longer term treatment facilities in Kansas, the Central Kansas Foundation would know. They're a good resource for alcohol and drug abuse information in this area.
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I used to do case management in Kansas and had some dually diagnosed clients. One of my clients went through Mirror, Inc for treatment -- that client just did the traditional inpatient program, but I know that they offered them a reintegration program that was staffed 24-7.
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Have you checked out Hazelden? The closest would be Minnesota. They work with insurance companies and can also provide aid if patients need it.
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i don't know about kansas, but in new orleans there's bridge house. i knew a guy who'd been through 28-day treatment programs more than a dozen times, but he sobered up at bridge house & spent the remainder of his life clean & sober. it doesn't work for everyone, but it's worked miracles for some. i'm pretty sure they have some pretty flexible financial arrangements. best of luck to you, your family, and your especially your brother.
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The Meadows has a great reputation; it has saved the life of more than one of my own friends.
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The SAMHSA Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator might help.

Also, check out this book if you start to feel yourself running up against a brick wall with your brother.

Best of luck.
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Seconding Hazelden. They have a 180 day program. I went through it in 2007 and am sober since.

Not entirely sure how they rank with their fee - but last I heard it was comparable to any other licensed facility offering a similar program - which means about $50,000.

They are a Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO network provider - if that matters.

They also have "scholarships" available.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, for your thoughtful responses. I (and my mom, who now knows more about Metafilter/Ask Metafilter than she ever wanted to know) are very appreciative.
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