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How to get my computer to acknowledge my web cam?

I have an Asus X83v laptop with a built in web cam. I disabled the web cam in the Device Manager because it would come on at weird times. (I was concerned about Big Brother watching me). Now, when I want to use it, it's not even on the list of available devices to enable. It's as if it doesn't exist. I've tried downloading a driver from the Asus website, but can't seem to find one. Is it possible to get the computer to recognize the web cam without using the factory reset disc and losing all my data? I have an external hard drive I can back everything up on, but you always end up forgetting SOMETHING, and I'd really just like to avoid the drama if necessary.
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I'm assuming you're using Win 7. In the Start menu, go to "Administrative Tools" and select "Computer Management".

Pick the "Device Manager". One of the resulting entries is "Imaging Devices" and your disabled web camera should appear under there. Right-click it and choose "Enable".

Depending on the version of Win 7 you're using, you may need to be logged in as administrator to do this.
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In WinXP you get to the device manager this way: right-click the "My Computer" icon and choose "Properties". In the window the pops up, click the "Device Manager" button.
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I'm using Vista (I know). I have tried the device manager. When I click on imaging devices, the web cam doesn't appear on the list.
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I'm not in front of a PC to check which menu it's under but you can Scan for new devices in one of the Device Manager menus.
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I don't have Vista around to play with it anymore, but in the Win7 device manager, on the right side, there's a menu item which has one choice that says "Show hidden devices". I wonder if the Vista device manager has a similar choice somewhere in the menus?
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