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Who opened for MDFMK in Boston in 2000?

I was at this show, and I remember the opener being a rather good hardcore(?) band with a female lead singer with glasses and brown hair. I think there four people on stage, but it was ten years ago. Unfortunately I never caught their name at the time.
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Here is their website ca. late 2000 and also this fansite. My shitty connection at work is preventing me from browsing them, but you may be able to find the info there.

The show was on 6/10/2000 at Avalon, if that helps.
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kHz opened for them in Philly a few days later, and has a female lead with brown hair.
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Response by poster: Nope, definitely not kHz. There was no keyboard player: only guitar, bass, drums, and vocals.
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That was the show with Zyclor the giant robot guitarist! I was an hour late to the show because I was picking up a friend from the airport. So I just went through my email archives and found a ton of discussions about the show, but there was no mention at all of the opening band. But something is tickling my brain - Was it More Machine than Man?
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It was the Revolution Now Tour, but that's all I've been able to find to add to this thread. And I'm having trouble accessing anything on the archive of that is linked above (this fansite).
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Response by poster: No, not More Machine than Man. It was definitely a rock band, nothing remotely industrial or electronic about them.
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Found this discussion list with a bunch of info on that show. Alas, I could not seem to find the opening band's actual name, but maybe it would be possible to google some of the posters to see if they have a ticketstub, showbill, good memory?
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