Excessive burping
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I burp, a lot, and can't figure out why. There's no reason for it.

I drink nothing but water, but I belch. Even after I've left the office and been on the subway without drinking water for a half hour or longer, I belch. Why?
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A friend of mine had this problem. Turned out she was lactose intolerant, and had only developed the condition when she got to college.
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Worth talking to the doctor about. My father experienced this as one of the earliest symptoms of a strangulating hernia that later threatened his life. Not to be an alarmist, but worth asking about.
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Are you belching big or little? Could be something as simple as you swallow too much air drinking and eating.

Also worth considering, your water source. Some waters give me gas. I lived where I had several springs to get water, and there was one which always gave me gas. When reading about Belgian beer making, I learned the difference in minerals was the cause. Are you drinking Sparklets? Arrowhead? If one, try the other. If tap water, go to bottled or at least filtered. I had no problem with Arrowhead, but that was in the 80's (are they still around?)
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it can also be a symptom of nervousness, so I've been told.
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Response by poster: Am not lactose intolerant or nervous, can't afford a doctor, but often do take long drinks of water. I drink a lot of water. Aren't we supposed to drink a lot of water?

But that wouldn't explain the burping that happens a half-hour after my last glass. Or just generally. It's as tho I don't need to ingest liquid to make this very impolite sound. If I were my colleagues, I'd whap me across the head.
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Aren't we supposed to drink a lot of water?

Not really. In a temperate climate, you need about a liter of fluid a day, and that's close to what most people get from their food, even if they didn't drink anything.
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I've noticed an up tick in the amount of burping I do since dramatically increasing my water intake. A friend explained to me that this was do to the way I drank, which allows additional air to be swallowed at the same time.

Essentially, think in terms of a child drinking a bottle. You have to get as much air out of the bottle as possible, lest your little one gets excessive gas.

I've become more mindful of how I drink and it's reduced the burping some. You might also try a straw.

As for the amount of water we need to drink, it's up for debate even to this day, but I say drink it. It makes me feel much better when I drink water, my joints feel better, my skin looks better, etc.
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Chewing gum can cause you to swallow air.
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Response by poster: Wait. "Could be something as simple as you swallow too much air drinking and eating."

And deborah mentioned swallowing air. How can a person become aware if she's doing this? I'm not a mouthbreather, tho I do still have my tonsils.
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It might be acid reflux, even if it isn't accompanied by heartburn. Can't hurt to try a few antacids and see if it reduces the burping.
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Well, look on the bright side, at least it isn't coming out your other end or causing incontinence, or is it?
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My guess it's the continuous swallowing of your spit.

Note: I'm not a mouth breather either. Well, unless I have a cold with stuffed up nose.
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An ulcer would also cause excessive belching.
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