How to best test a new startup idea.
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What are the best ways to use crowdsource and get accurate feedback on a new startup idea? Trying to look beyond in person focus groups, two way mirrors, etc. Are there any success stories in the recent social media universe?
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PickFu may be of some help. Local BarCamps may also be a good place to get feedback.
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The best way is to have a business idea that everyone who learns about it propagates via word of mouth. However, HackerNews allows for requests to review startup ideas, but in my awareness only for proofs of concepts (i.e. once you have a site up).
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If it is software related, the people in the The Business of Software forum are often helpful.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your thoughts folks. We went with and have to say we were MASSIVELY impressed. Check out the sample video for a sense of the features but we'll be using them again in the future for sure.
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