help for dad, so i don't have the change the clocks a month before they change again
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What are some agencies in the Washington DC area, that can provide help with some things around the home (like cooking and laundry) for an elderly man?

My dad is 70, and he needs a little help. He's in great health and his mobility is fine, but he feels a little bogged down doing a few things around the house. He's looking for someone that can come over for a couple of hours a day or two a week, do his laundry, maybe do a little cooking or stop by the grocery store for him. He's a bit of a health nut and has particular tastes, but his food is pretty simple to make (so meal-kits wont work). Maybe someone who could change a high-up light bulb or two every once in a while. Random, fairly ordinary around the house odds and ends. Someone who can change the clocks for him when daylight savings rolls around (instead of waiting a few months for me to visit and change them for him).

Moving into a facility where people can help him is out of the question - my siblings and I would love to get him in one of those retirement communities, but our dad is pretty attached to the house he's lived in for the past 25 years Two of us don't live anywhere nearby otherwise we'd try and help him out more, but we're hoping we can find something locally that will work well for him.
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Best answer: "Comfort Keepers" does a good job with the Alzheimer's sufferer in my family, and it looks like they have a couple of franchises in the DC area.
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Best answer: Iona is a wonderful organization. I would give them a call.
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