Online donations for pet surgery costs
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Setting up online donation site?

Our beloved beagle is going into surgery tomorrow. The cost will exceed $2K and family and friends have asked about helping us financially. Some of them live far away. What is the best option for setting up some sort of donation link/site fairly quickly?
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Best answer: These donations will not be tax deductible (because you are not a non-profit charity). If you want to do this online, set up a Paypal account. This describes online fundraising for non-profits, but you can set it up exactly the same way. People can pay via their own Paypal accounts or with a credit card, but you don't have to deal with credit card information.

You can paste that Paypal Donate button into emails; and you could set up a quickie Blogspot blog where you describe the situation, put in the Donate button, and keep folks posted with updates on how beagle is doing, etc. Then, you can do Facebook and Twitter postings with links to the Blogspot blog, etc.
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Best answer: We recently used Chipin ( to help a friend collect money for a pooch in need. Good luck!
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