Groupwise is ruining my hard work.
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When others try to open my newsletter template with Groupwise, the formatting is all messed up.

I created a newsletter template at home with Word 2004 using shapes and text boxes and then emailed it to myself at work. I had no problems when I opened it with Groupwise and saved it to my work computer. When I fill it out each week and send it to my team, the shapes and text boxes are rolling off the bottom of the page and they can't move them back up enough to use it. If I send the newsletter to their home email (AOL, gmail, etc) from my home computer it opens fine but now, even if I send it from my home computer directly to their Groupwise email, they have a problem. I'm guessing that the problem must be with Groupwise. What Groupwise or other setting could be causing this?
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Can you create the document in Word and then save as a pdf? Whatever the issue is, it's likely complex and not something that you'll be able to easily fix for all users. When my workplace used to use GroupWise, I'd say about 1/2 of the Word docs it tried to open for me were toast.
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