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First time poster here... I am changing employment and I have some huge archives on my GroupWise email. How do I optimally transfer the archives [and address book!] to another GroupWise system? (Our Novell guys tell me I can't) How do I transfer the address book and archives to a NON-GroupWise system? (For complicated reasons, Outlook is probably not available on either end.) I'd hate to lose all that history -and all those addresses! Thanks in advance!
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Are you using the Groupwise mail client, or just connecting to a Groupwise/OES server?
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Also, what version of GW are you using? Message headers (don't post) might provide us with meaningful info. IMAP could be possible solution.
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Possible that one of the links here may help? Specifically using Thunderbird to access Groupwise. You can run Thunderbird off of a USB key or Zip disk, copy your archives, and then take them with you. No need to install it locally, so no worries about permissions.

Worth a shot if you can get it to work.
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There's a couple of free products 1, 2, available at that will convert GW mail to text files. MailSaver is homegrown, slowwww and feature-free, but it works. GW is fairly security-conscious, and an archive will only transfer to a GW account of the same name. And there's software you can purchase that has nifty features, but it's @ US75, and it's a non-transferable single-user license.
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Response by poster: Thanks all - I am using release 6.0.1 of GroupWise using the actual client, if that helps. My hope is to have a searchable archive with attachments accessible. If I simply save the archive to a zip or cd, can I read it in the future from a new GroupWise account?

[p.s. Caution Live Frogs, did you know I was in Idaho? Theora, I think I can somebody else to pay for that software.]
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