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Need suggestions on the best pressure cooker in terms of safety options

I love to cook with a pressure cooker (saves time etc.). I need suggestions for the most safest pressure cooker out there. Not presto please as not really a fan of that.

Looking to buy a 4 quart pressure cooker. Any advice would be great. Should have a safety valve

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I own a WMF Perfect Plus and I highly recommend getting one. I can't tell you if it's the safest one out there but it is engineered like a tank and has an easy to replace safety valve.

There don't make a 4 quart but they make a 3 and 4.5
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The one I've used for about 20 years (a discontinued T-Fal model similar to this one).

If you fill them too full, the boiling action carries debris up into the safety valve and could block it (IMO). So I'd go larger because you can do proper amounts of soup or chillis without risking blockage.
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I am not sure why you do not like Presto, as they make a reasonable Pressure Cooker product at a good price point. Yes, they are safe, with steam/vents and overpressure plugs (as all new PCs do).

Having said that, I am a fan of the Futura Hard Anodized Pressure Cooker. The model I have is 5qts (about $45 on Amazon), but they may make a 4qt model. This unit cleans well - better than the bare SS/alum on many other pressure cookers and has an automatic pressure regulator.
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This one...
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All-American makes pressure cookers that feel and work like tanks. I use one for canning.

Very simple design, with the pot, lid and counterweight each cut out of single pieces of metal. No rubber seal to go brittle and bad — you use a very thin layer of vaseline to get a metal-to-metal seal under pressure — and so these will last forever.

They don't appear to have a 4 qt model, but I would still recommend that you get one of these or at least look into them.
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Seconding the WMF. It is safe and it works like a charm.
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I have a Magefesa Practika Plus and it is fantastic and very durable. They are Spanish and pressure cookers are a lot more popular over there.

Honestly, you have to be careful with pressure cookers no matter how many safety features they have. Be sure to read the manual carefully and read up on them before your first use.
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I second Magefesa -- I have had one for about 10 years and it's been fabulous. The metal is heavy; I've had no safety concerns over the years.
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Thanks for all the great replies.

I am looking at the ones mentioned why is Magefesa called a "super fast pressure cooker"?
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