I'm a murderer... of probe thermometers
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Please help me reform. I'm notorious for killing probe thermometers - you know, the ones that go into the oven and have a readout connected by wire? I go through about 4 of them a year. I'd like to stop. Does anyone have recommendations for a good, nearly indestructible, probe thermometer? I'm less concerned about accuracy - if it's off by a degree or two here or there, that's fine. Bonus points if it can be used with a gas grill as well as an oven.
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We have this one (not sure if it's available outside the UK though). It took us about 5 years to break the probe. I emailed the company and they sent out a new one for free.
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Do the ones you've been killing have the plastic-coated wire, or the metal mesh-coated wire? If not the mesh, get the one of them. Thermoworks sells one for about $25 on Amazon. I had one with the mesh coating that lasted me well over 5 years, until I submerged the whole probe in the hot tub for a few hours (apparently a bad idea). I replaced it with one with the rubber cable coating and it lasted less than 6 months. So reordered one with mesh coating from Thermoworks (there may be other vendors, they were just the one I ended up with) and it's much, much better. Link here: http://www.thermoworks.com/products/alarm/oven_temp_timer.html
They also sell replacement probes separately.
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I have used this one in my smoker and grill for the last few years. No problems.
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If you're willing to invest some money in this, check out these Thermoworks sets. I have the TW8060 kit, and the cables are oven-safe up to I think 480 degrees F. I use them in my charcoal grill, too, when doing low-and-slow cooking. If that's not enough for you, you can buy an "armored" probe for the handheld unit that will survive even higher temperatures.
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Another option would be an instant-read thermometer, which you can just jab into whatever you're making, and the probe is integrated so you don't have to worry about the wire fraying or whatever.
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Nthing thermoworks. Fabulous quality and accuracy and a great guarantee.
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It's hard to kill the actual thermometer, but cables come in all sorts of quality. Spend money there.

If you're looking for a less-expensive option, this little buddy is only $37 bucks, and I use it on a daily basis to double-check temperatures on a commercial coffee roaster (and it's accurate up to about 400 degrees, but we don't usually take anything past that point, so I can't speak for it beyond there). It doesn't have any features like an alarm for temperature or anything…but its really cheap as far as pro thermometers go. It accepts K type probes and has survived quite well in a food production environment.

Then just invest in K-type thermocouples that are pretty burly (the ones on the previously linked on the thermoworks site look pretty fantastic, but I can't vouch for them) …if they crap out, you only need to buy the cable, not the whole unit. You can also have different probes for different uses.
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Definitely Thermoworks. They have a fairly good warranty and replacement policy, so even if you do kill a thermometer as fast as you do, you can at least get a free replacement.
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Are you immersing them in water or otherwise getting the junction between wire and probe wet? Don't do that! Wipe the probe with a soapy sponge and carefully rinse.
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Ditto on don't submerge.
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