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Speakers for the bedroom tv. We're getting a new probably 32/36" lcd tv for the bedroom tv, and I want to get some decent speakers. This is in a pretty open space.

What do I need? No specifics on the tv yet, still looking, likely a decent brand name lcd. I'd like to spend $150 or less, have good sounds, and be able to have good quality so I can understand the voices without having to crank the sound.

Oh, this is in a loft-type space, so any hints as to keeping sound in a limited direction so I'm not waking the rest of the house would be greatly appreciated.

Do I need a receiver/amp/what? I'd like to just stick to 1-3 speakers next to the tv as I don't want to wire or have a bunch of speakers around if possible. Thanks for your help!
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How far away will you want to put the TV? No specific recommendations, but at that size, ignore 1080p unless you're less than five feet away. Samsung, I think, make the best LCDs on the market today. Whether you'll be able to find one at that price range is another matter. Check refurbished.

I wouldn't bet on finding speakers that are unidirectional enough- this sounds like a situation tailor-made for wireless headphones. Otherwise, a good set of 2.1 computer speakers would fit the bill. A soundbar, if you want to get a little fancier- check Cnet for reviews.
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Response by poster: I've got the tv pretty much covered, the $150 and question is in regards to speakers/necessary equipment for sound only.

Also, don't think I will be looking for unidirectional stuff, just any tips you might have for that problem I have. Really just looking for decent speaker/other things I'll need for decent sound from about 10-12 feet away. Do I need an amp? Do I use computer speakers?

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It's best if the the TV has a headphone jack. Then you can get a set of powered speakers (computer speakers) like AudioEngine 2. You can still use them with an adapter if your TVs audio out has volume control. If the audio out is just a line out, with no volume adjustment possible, you'll need an amp with it's own remote.
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This cable will allow you to connect pretty much any recent, reasonable TV (which will have audio outs on RCA jacks in the back) to a set of speakers that only have an 1/8" (3.5 mm) input, like the AudioEngine bonobothegreat mentioned.
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And for $150, "computer" or "multimedia" speakers are likely your best bet. Something like the Klipsch promedia 2.1 or M-Audio's stuff. Another possibility is to find a used stereo amplifier on craiglist or similar, make sure it works, and then go with cheap-but-reasonable bookshelf speakers like these Polk.
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Stony Monday's cable will work great but you just have to be sure that the audio out signal jack has variable volume (can be adjusted by the remote) or you'll have to get up off the couch and adjust it on the speaker itself.

You can usually find a menu setting on your DVD player or the TV that will accentuate the voices. Lots of newer TVs have pretty decent sound.
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