AppleCare but He Don't Care.
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How do I get someone who bought and paid for something I sold them on eBay to actually take possession of their goods?

About three months ago I sold my MacBook Pro on eBay. I offered my AppleCare plan as part of the package. Eventually someone bid, bought, and paid for the item. He came over in person, picked up the computer and its accessories and left. He took the AppleCare box with him.

At the time he was in a bit of a rush so I told him we could work out the details of transferring the AppleCare into his name at a later date, which he was cool with. Since then, I've tried contacting him numerous times, asking for his address and other contact details so I can get the process of transferring the warranty into his name over and done with, but I've had no response.

You're probably thinking "Don't you have his details from eBay?" The answer is no. The account he used to purchase the computer was his friends account, not his own. I've sent messages to his friend through eBay asking her to tell him to get in touch with me (either direct or via her), but just like the buyer, they're not responding.

The MacBook Pro would now be just over a year old, meaning that should it break, it would need to be fixed via Applecare, so obviously I'm keen to sort this out so that I don't end up having to deal with this guy a few months/years down the track saying "Hey, the computer you sold me is broken, what about my AppleCare?" But I'm at my wits end as to what else I can actually do to get this guy to take possession of what he paid for. What do you suggest?
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Send him (via his friend, whatever) an email saying:

"Having tried several times over the last few months, this is the last time I'm going to get in touch with you about this. The laptop you bought from me is getting to be a year old, and will be out of warranty if we don't arrange to transfer the extended AppleCare warranty over to you. Please contact me as soon as possible so that we can arrange the transfer. If I don't hear back from you within two weeks, I'll assume you don't want to go to the trouble, and let it drop. Sincerely, Effigy2000."

... click send, and walk away from it. If you're particularly concerned, print out the emails you've sent about it (including this one) and some notes about trying to contact him in other ways if you have them, mail them to yourself and file the sealed envelope somewhere. And then whatever happens is his responsibility.
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There's nothing much you can do if the guy doesn't appear interested in the AppleCare at this point.

That said, if the computer is the same physical machine and AppleCare is already bought and paid for, I'm not sure what he would need you for. Every time I've called AppleCare they've only needed my serial number to get started troubleshooting. It would only be a real concern if he needed to send things back for repair and have them shipped back to him. And I'm sure that's something that could be worked out without you being involved.
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You sold it to his friend, not him. You contacted the friend about it, and they did nothing. You're in the right and have nothing to worry about.

If you fear he'll be back later, keep the records of the contacts to the account you sold it to.
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Not your problem.

If you haven't, send one more brief email outlining the lengths you have gone to to contact the buyer, end it cordially and ask them to get in touch with you if they are interested in AppleCare. Leave it there.
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I don't know for sure that eBay works quite the same way where you are, but if this had happened in Australia several things might be relevant:

-The friend (the account holder) is the buyer from eBay's point of view.
-You might not be able to prove delivery to that buyer, but it's likely they can't prove payment (unless you exchanged receipts with the person who picked up, and they used the account holder's name, not their own).
-The goods were picked up and (presumably) paid for in person, so eBay/Paypal protection is severely limited at best (precisely because this sort of situation arises).
-The period during which a dispute can be initiated is likely to have expired anyway (I think it's 45 days here.)

If you still really feel the need to get in touch with the eBay account holder, check whether it's a confirmed account, contact eBay/Paypal, explain the situation, and see whether they'll give you the physical address details or phone number listed for that account. Then make a call, or bang on a door.
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Don't do anything. You already had the plan purchased and tied to this particular computer, yes? Than you've actually done *everything* you need to do for the buyer to be able to use the Applecare. It is tied to the serial number of your laptop, as well as you specifically as the buyer. Apple does talk about Applecare being transferred, but it has essentially already been transferred.

Now, if he hasn't called the apple service and support line he might want to to tell them that he is the new owner, but again, this isn't a pressing issue other than the fact that when he does have something that needs fixing, he needs to make sure he explains, "Here's my serial number, AND I'm a new owner, can I give you my name and email address?" (Otherwise the case details might get emailed erroneously to you)

I've bought multiple used Apple products and sell a used Apple product with Applecare remaining every year or two. I always call in before I make the purchase to make sure the item isn't reported as stolen and to change the name attached to it, but there is literally no deal attached with transferring Applecare. They just ask for my name and email address, and thereafter both appear to be associated with me, the new buyer. Seller does nothing.

No doubt the dude has your contact details and WILL get in touch should he have a problem with any of the above. So don't worry, you've gone above and beyond already, and forget about it.
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Yeah my understanding of how this works is similar to arnicae above. You might want to call Apple customer service and confirm that this is how things work and to indicate that you've sold your laptop.
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Just realised how stupid my earlier comment was in this thread - very sorry to all concerned for my insensitivity.
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"I'm keen to sort this out so that I don't end up having to deal with this guy a few months/years down the track"

I would forget about it completely for now - when the time comes that you might have to think about it the guy will be looking for you.
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