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I need to find a strong and durable, all-weather adhesive. I am repairing a mural that was done on parachute cloth. It is near a bus stop and kids have been picking at it and now sections of the original painting are missing. In addition to repainting the missing section I need to get the parts of the cloth that are no longer attached to the wall to stick back down.

Essentially, do you know any adhesive that could withstand humans and the environment? The wall is cement.

Here's a picture of it
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Barge Cement is my usual go-to for repairs that need to be able to withstand X-TREEEM! conditions (I use it to repair the soles of shoes, for one). Looks like it's okay for fabric, too. I'd test on a small piece to make sure it's not going to discolor your fabric too badly (it is pretty goopy).
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I used Gorilla Glue to keep the soles of my sandals attached to the rest of the sandal. Withstood a 180 pound me with 40lb camera gear, many miles, through rivers and sand.

Gorilla snot (the original name of the stuff) was also the go-to adhesive for making sure automotive door sealing strips didn't move.
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West System epoxy.
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construction adhesive should hold it, plus it comes in a caulk tube, so you can apply it quickly with a caulk gun.
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