Need to record two channels of video
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I need to record the output of a computer and hd video at the same time, and somehow present it so the viewer can choose which channel to watch?

I am responsible for the av parts of a regular meeting.
I need to record the output of a computer (slide deck,
demonstrations etc) as well as video of the presenter

I have a hd video camera I am using for the presenter.

I guess I could use some screen recording software to record
what is going on on the laptop, but since it will be the presenters
laptop, licences and installation of such software becomes problematic.

What I would like to do, is somehow record the video output of
the presenters laptop, and record the regular video, then
be able to throw it through some sort of process that in the end allows viewers online to view both streams at the same time, with the audio from the hd video, or alternatively allow the user to select which channel he or she wants to focus on.

So I have two problems how to best record the output of the pc.
I have a hd video camera, a really good microphone and a couple of laptops. I am willing to buy more equipment as needed. Do i need to buy another camera? Can I record the output of that computer on my computer? If so what would I need? What is the most rational way of accomplishing this.

The second problem is what type of software and /or hardware combination I require to produce an output that will allow two streams and audio, and some control over them.

Hopefully the flock of Meta can help me sort out these vague questions into solid answers.
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Ideally I would find some device, that allowed me to record both signals at the same time, nad keep them separate, that way I would not have to worry about syncing them up afterwards,so a multi channel video recording device, or software with dongle or some such for a pc.......
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Uh I totally selected the wrong category for this...
Trying to figure out how I can change it.
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You might want to look into Panopto.
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Some technical conferences and user groups use dvswitch in conjunction with a twinpact capture device to capture and mix feeds from cameras, projectors, etc.
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I know of dvswitch via pycon and the volunteers and crew who record the conference. has the results, so you can see what is possible. I don't know if you are interested in something like that, or something completely different.
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