Pin-up girl photo shoot locations?
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Pin-up modeling: location, location, ....locations?

New England gal here (in Connecticut but can travel). I'm a vintage-wear diva and my crew and I want to do some pin-up-type photo shoots within the next few weeks. We're trying to come up with some good locations. Any suggestions, either general or specific to New England? Thanks!
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What you need is vintage cars, especially from the 1950's. There are clubs of vintage car owners, and you might be able to convince someone who owns such a car to let you do a shoot while you pose on it. Odds are they won't even charge you, if you let them watch and take pictures of their own.

Pretty girls posing on fancy cars is very much a standard kind of pinup from that era.
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(This is the Google search I used. Lots of other interesting hits.)
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Well, nautical stuff would be super cute, so if you can find a nice Tall Ship or battleship or ferry or anything of that ilk, that could be cool.
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Cars and boats are cool, but not as cool as airplanes!
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If you're looking for a battleship, there's the USS Massachusetts right across the border in Fall River.
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How about Trolleys?
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New Britain, Wilimantic, and Middletown have some very art-deco looking downtown areas that might make good backgrounds.
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The first thing that jumped into my head is cemetary

Then, old cars.

Next, oceanfront, better still if you can get a boardwalk and/or old shop fronts.

Next up, retro bars - think smoky gin joint, even into the 60s. Someplace "ladies" might not "belong"

And if you do any period appropriate dancing, get a shot of some aerials in a field.
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I'd first figure out what you're going to wear, then figure out the location. Also, you can't go wrong with the classic "lady in distress" pose, as perfected by Gil Elvgren.

If you're going to pose with a vintage car, may I suggest you appear to be having engine trouble? Or at least get a ticket.

There are plenty of rural areas in CT where you could get your skirt caught on a splinter while clambering over a fence, or maybe have a spill during a picnic.

If you're near a marina, boats and marine breezes can cause all kinds of distress.

The possibilities are really endless, as the office, the library, the schoolroom, the kitchen and even the ice cream parlor each pose subtle threats to a young woman's modesty.

P.S. Don't forget to vote!
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Jeez, what about motorcycles?! In Springfield, Mass., is the Indian Motocycle Museum.
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(Don't forget a grocery bag with cellery.)
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What about Coney Island?
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