Kid-friendly restaurants in Boston?
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What are some kid-friendly restaurants in Boston?

Hey folks. In Boston for the week with a hungry 5-year old boy. Any suggestions for kid-friendly restaurants that we can hit up for dinner? We are right downtown with no car, but not afraid of a short trip if we can use public transportation. Doesn't have to be traditional mac n' cheese fare. We're hoping to try the local cuisine.
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Best answer: Durgin Park would be one choice that comes to mind, and pretty much anywhere else in or near Faneuil Hall should be fine. You also have the the huge selection of grab and go food inside as well. It could be fun for him to walk up and down and pick out clam chowder there, french fries here, cream puff there, etc. A number of places don't take cards, though, so be sure to have cash on you if you plan on grab and go.

Summer Shack should be good, too.

The North End is full of pizzerias and some good family restaurants, too. Hanover Street is a short walk up and down, so you can easily spot the ones that are more in tune with famillies than not, and then you can pop over to Mike's Pastry for dessert.

If you're up for a trip to Brookline (C line on the Green), you'll find no shortage of places in Coolidge Corner, and up at the Washington Street stop you have the Publick House. We have brought Toddler Zizzle there soooo mannny times. They even have a kid's menu.

There's also Boston Beer Works on Canal Street in the downtown area and one over by Fenway on Brookline Street, which is a short walk from Kenmore. We've always gone to the one near Kenmore. Lots of food selection. And we've taken Toddler Zizzle there several times. It can be a bit loud, so I'd recommend going earlier in the evening (around 5 or 6) if you do go there.

If I think of any place else, I'll check back later.
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Best answer: Legal's is very kid friendly and they've got a number of locations. Also anything down by Fort Point/Fan Pier just because it's fun to be around (there's a bagel place close to the Children's Museum and Flour Bakery nearby, too). There's a cafe in the ICA and both the cafe and museum are open until 9pm on Thursday nights. Charles St. has some good restaurants and tends to be kid-friendly these days. Summer Shack in Back Bay has good seafood and a friendly family vibe.

In Cambridge Harvard Square has Mr. Bartley's Burgers, the best burger joint and a fun place to see. The best kid and adult-friendly restaurant around is Full Moon in Cambridge (Red Line to Harvard then a 5 minute cab ride). It's got a play area for kids (and lots of kids), and really good food for both kids and adults.
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When nieces and nephews come to visit one of the places they enjoy is Fire + Ice in the Back Bay (a few blocks walk from Copley Square). In the center of the dining room is a large Mongolian-style grill. You go around to different sections and choose your raw ingredients. You then get to watch as a grill master cooks up the food. Kids love it.
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Red bones BBQ in Davis Square Somerville ( Red line T). Sit downstairs. The artwork is really cool, and they offer a pretty good kids menu.
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Pizzeria Regina, the original in the North End at 11 1/2 Thacher Street (on the corner of Prince) is excellent, and my nephews loved it. Then you can wander back down Hanover Street and grab some cannoli, too.
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One of our favorites, when we lived in JP, was The Dogwood Cafe. Great food, nice open dining area, and the best part is that so many people bring their kids there that your won't feel noticed when your kid is having a meltdown.

Friday and Saturday nights they have live music (an acoustic guitarist), and there's nothing better than watching a crowd of 3 and 4 year olds forming a mini mosh pit at the guitarist's feet, mouths agape, and unconsciously doing a version of the "I gotta go potty" dance.

The place is right at the Forest Park T-stop on Washington St. Plenty of parking in the rear.
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The chain called Bertucci's is known for their pizza but they also do other italian food, and they're fine for kids. I *think* there's still a location right by Copley.
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Best answer: Seconding Full Moon, which you can also get to on the #72 bus (which leaves frequently from Harvard Square) if you don't want to cab it. There's a great children's bookstore, Curious George and Friends in Harvard Square, and a cool Store of Neat Stuff, Black Ink right across the street.

There's also a Fire and Ice and a Wagamama in Harvard Square.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! We've got a good list together now. Full Moon looks great. We'll definitely be giving that a try.
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Response by poster: Full Moon was awesome and had wonderful food (why aren't there more places like this???) Thank you for the recommendations.
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