I want to dress like Peggy Olson.
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Please help me dress like Peggy Olson.

I have checked out this previous question, but it did not help me much since I already shop at all of the suggested stores.

I have a specific type of dress that I would like to buy. Here are some examples: I LOVE the blue & red kick pleat dress at this link. I also really like the first dress at this link.

Does anyone know where I can find dresses like this online?
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How about the vintage shops on Etsy?
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Have a look at Pinup Girl Clothing. The clothes are mostly over the top, but there are some real gems too.

You might also want to check out Etsy. This shop is expensive but you'll get actual vintage patterns custom made to your size. If you do a search for "vintage inspired" or Mad Men inspired" dress you'll get quite a few options.
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Some of the stuff on Modcloth is in the right direction.
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eShakti just released a new line of dresses that are very Mad Men inspired. They might be a little more Joan than they are Peggy, but there's some Peggy in there, too.
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References. For. You.

Forever 21 often has some 60s style jumpers that I've used to mimic Peggy here and here. These are more "inspired by" items, rather than true emulation tools.
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Tom and Lorenzo have a whole series called Mad Style, and they've analyzed Peggy's clothes through the seasons.
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I should note that I've bought a ton of clothes from Modcloth, and I don't recommend doing so if you don't know how to repair your own clothes. I've never had anything become unwearable, but very few of the things I've bought there have stayed together for very long. Usually it's something small, like seams coming apart or buttons coming off, but buyer beware. (They don't make the clothes they sell, so some brands they carry might be more reliable than others-- I'm not sure which ones are particularly good/bad.)
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Stop Staring has quite a few Mad Men-ish dresses on offer, and their stuff is cut like a dream.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions! Keep them coming, please.

I already regularly shop on Modcloth, and I haven't found what I'm looking for there.

elsietheeel, I linked to Tom & Lorenzo's series above. They don't give advice as to where to get the clothes.
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I had a dress question a couple years ago that has some links to similar shops mentioned above that may help your search. This scolloped colar from Daddy-O's looks very Peggy to me. And this plaid skirt from Posh Girl Vintage looks like a typical repeated skirt in Peggy's rotation which she pairs with scolloped colored shirts or in this last season, turdle neck sweaters.
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J. Peterman's 1947 Dresses remind me a lot of what Peggy would wear outside the office, maybe on a weekend. This is the same silhouette, but in a very Peggy plaid. And this is Peggy's office wear next season.

(Also, unlike Modcloth and a bunch of the other shops on this thread, J. Peterman clothes are actually quality. Solid cloth, strong seams, and wearable through washes.)
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Hey hey, that's what I get for Ask.MeFi'ing on my iPhone and not clicking the reference links. Sorry about that.

Most of the clothes at Modcloth, Stop Staring, Daddy-O's, etc. are cheaply made, especially for the price. And a lot of them look like trashy rockabilly drag (and I say this as an ex-trashy rockabilly girl).

I like the stuff at eShakti.

Macy's actually has a lot of vintage inspired stuff right now.

Anthropologie always has cute dresses if you can afford them.

And check eBay for Calvin Klein dresses. A lot of them have the silhouette you're after.
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I've read several times that the key to the female cast members' look (especially their carriage and stride) is their foundation garments. From costume designer Janie Bryant's interview with The Age:

Of course, the perfectly sculpted silhouettes on Mad Men could not exist without the vital shapewear, the sculpting, boosting and restraining undergarments of the period. Bryant hopes the longline bra will come back into fashion. ‘‘I love a longline bra because it totally smoothes the back and it’s seamless, It’s quite a piece of engineering. I also love the way it really does manipulate the shape of the breast. I’m obsessed with intimate apparel.’’ All the actresses except Hendricks wear reproduction vintage bras - hers are originals from the period - as well as girdles, garters, full panties and slips. Hendricks has previously commented on the ‘‘war wounds’’ she has sustained from her period underwear. ‘‘I know, bless her heart, she’s a real trooper. But the thing is all the actresses know, and the actors too, that it’s all about that transformation into the period so it’s such an important part of the creative process,’’ says Bryant.

Apparently she relies heavily on something called Rago Shapewear. You may want to start there.
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Have something made? There are lots of vintage patterns online. Some look quite Peggy.
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Unique Vintage is a great site. This dress looks very Peggy.
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