origin of the hiphop music video booty row
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origin of the hiphop music video booty row? watching Eric B. & Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique (video). (dont know the exact term, mybe ass-in-a-row? see example @1:09 so... looking for earlier examples and research on the subject.

i suspect origin can be found at old burlesque and vaudeville routines, but i think the modern variety has a certain distinction.
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There was a mini kinda-sorta version of this in the Miami Vice opening titles.
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My theory:
late 1800s French cabarets -> 1950s Lido Paris show -> Las Vegas showgirls -> strip clubs -> hiphop videos.

Regarding the booty row, the Cin Cin girls from the late 80s/early 90s Italian tv-show Colpo Grosso (remade in Germany as Tutti Frutti and in Spain as ¡Ay que calor!) did that. (Linked videos are sort of SFW, but maybe not the "Janet Jackson-moment" at 1:22 in the "¡Ay que calor!"-video.)
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Response by poster: proto booty row in two live crew - im so horney @ 2:00~ (1989)
post booty row in Aphex Twin - Windowlicker @ 8:00 (1999)
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