A strapping strap.
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Help me find a strap for this vintage Timex watch!

The band size is 15mm, which the seller said was kind of unusual for a guy's watch.

Fashionable Mefites, can I get your opinions on material and color? I'd like to find something that preserves the vintage look and is versatile enough to work from jeans and a t-shirt to business casual-y. Under $40 would be awesome.

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Best answer: How about a simple military band? The face is so busy that maybe the band shouldn't be. It looks like they squeezed a bigger band (18 or 20mm) on to that watch.
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I would go with a grosgrain band in red and navy—here's one.
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Oh, I didn't notice the 15 mm requirement. Hmm.
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Best answer: Second the military strap. The most common style of these is usually called a NATO strap after the NATO spec it is based on. 15mm is hard to find, but if you google "16mm NATO strap" you'll find tons, and a 16mm strap will fit a 15mm lug width with no problems. I wouldn't try to fit an 18mm or 20mm band on it. NATO straps are great — they're cheap, they're reliable, you can switch them out with no tools and without messing with the spring bars.
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nthing military strap
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Central Watch sells nylon bands 5 for $30, and they have 15 colors in 16mm width.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. I'm sold on the military strap. Got a 16mm in olive drab. NATO straps... what a concept.
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