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Chicago mechanic filter-I need some help finding a mechanic, a few stipulations inside. Guesses on estimates welcome, too.

I need to get my car fixed so I can pass the emissions test. I realize that it's long overdue, but I haven't had the money until recently.
So, I need a mechanic who is able to test my car, see why it failed, and fix it. I'm also on a budget, so I need someone who can diagnose the problem, give me an estimate, and then not charge me anything if I can't afford it right then. A free diagnosis/estimate, is what I guess I'm looking for, and also someone who's reliable and has fair prices. It's two women who own the car, and I don't want to go somewhere [again] that'll charge me more because of it.

Now, originally, when I went to have it tested, the report said that several systems failed to respond-it didn't necessarily say there was anything wrong, just that the computer system didn't cooperate....
Any guesses on how much that'll cost to fix?
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It could be any amount- year, make and model might narrow the guestimate down though-
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It's a 2002 Ford explorer. Duh, those are always pertinent when asking about anything car related.
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I remember the computer failed to respond on the AC system, heating system and the exhaust system. The engine light is on.
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Check with Andre's auto service. Luis owns the place and has been exceptionally fair with us in the past. My wife found his service about 10 years ago. I found my wife about 6 years ago. He was very woman friendly and my wife was/is a loyal customer.

I had failed an emissions test when my check engine light was on. It turned out that it was an oxygen sensor...which cost about 350 bucks (parts and labor) to install. Sucked to pay it, but passed the emissions test without a problem. He has also talked me out of "fixing" things that would not last...not too many mechanics will stop you from handing them your money.

Good luck.
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