Making photocards online - there's got to be a better way
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Where online can I get photo cards (3x5 or 4x8 folded) without all sorts of designs on decent cardstock?

On Shutterfly I used to be able to make very simple, image on a white background with perhaps a black borderline around the photo, cards - now all I find are cards with all kinds of over-the-top designs with little latitude for personalization. Is there anywhere out there on the web that offers reasonably priced, simple, slightly customizable photo cards?

I've looked at Shutterfly, Snapfish and Moo (might go with a Moo postcard) so no need to mention them - (unless there's some kind of customizing feature on one of those that I've missed that will let me do what I want to do)

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I've had the same issue. On shutterfly, do you still have card projects from previous years? I've been able to get around this by duplicating the project, editing the new version to change the image and/or any text, and ordering from there.
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Try Looks like you can start from scratch and put as much or as little as you want.
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I used for my 'save the date' postcards. They let you upload the full image for both sides. They'll also do folded cards.
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Seconding Their calendar print quality is good, not sure about the cards specifically.

You might also want to check out Mpix. They have excellent photo print quality and they have greeting cards you can design yourself.
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I also came to suggest Mpix. They're amazing and fast and wonderful and have I mentioned I love them? And that they do this?
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody.
Seems like there isn't a better way right now.
ocherdraco - yours sounded like a great idea but all of my old card projects in Shutterfly have been disabled!
I'm going with postcards from moo - we'll see.
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