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Where should I start with James Tiptree, Jr.?
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Try Her Smoke Rose Up Forever. It's a collection of Tiptree's/Sheldon's better known and critically accalimed short stories.
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I'm unsure if you mean collections or specific stories, but a sort-of "best-of" collection is Her Smoke Rose Up Forever.

I'd start with the stories "Houston, Houston, Do You Read?", "The Women Men Don't See", "Love is the Plan the Plan is Death", and "The Screwfly Solution". Not necessarily in that order. They're all included in that collection, though.
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Brightness Falls from the Air was an incredibly moving novel, and was the one that got me hooked on her writing.
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Nthing Her Smoke Rose Up Forever.
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You've reminded me of what I've wanted to find at the library every time I go, and somehow manage to forget each time!

I've only ever read "Love is the Plan the Plan is Death,"(see above about mind repeatedly going blank upon entering the library/bookstore) but wow. It really hit me, perhaps because it's just so alien and different, and yet still manages to resonate. If you want to try a short story before buying the book, it's still archived online (I've linked it on mefi before), but because it's archived, the formatting and readability are somewhat lacking. Link!
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Just wanted to mention here that the biography James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon is a fantastic read.
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Seconding fryman's list, and I'd add "The Girl Who Was Plugged In".
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I've always found "The Screwfly Solution" to be an incredibly disturbing story-I doubt you'll soon forget it.
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