a business that repaints glasses frames?
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what kind of business can repaint my glasses frames, or more simply strip the paint off them?

Just grabbed a good deal on a brand new pair of nice looking glasses frames, well except the color is not so nice.

I am looking for a business that would be able to repaint the glasses or simply strip the paint off the glasses so they can be silver.

I've asked this question before in glasses frame shops and they didn't seem to know.

I am assuming that probably the best deal / the service would be offered by a company that has nothing specifically to do with glasses - some other detailed painting business or chemical place?

I need some ideas as to types of businesses to call, or if this service specifically exists, relevant info is that I am in Vancouver, Canada.
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Have you tried paint stripper? I've had luck with Airplane stripper with metal painted objects.
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Metal or plastic? Ten years ago I had a pair of black metal frames and the paint started chipping off. I could see that they were some kind of alloy underneath.

I removed the lenses and hit the frames with paint stripper.

I ended up with them looking great, in a natural metal raw finish, and got a lot of comments on them since nobody else had them.

One day when I had a camera up to my eye and was smacked in the face with a basketball while working, they were destroyed.

I miss them, even now.
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If they're titanium you can get the paint off them with 000 steel wool and a little elbow grease. (remove the lenses first of course.)

Repainting titanium is a giant pain since paint doesn't really stick to it. You need to find a place that will do a process called "powder coating" which essentially melts a ceramic shell onto the frames. Some automotive and bike shops will do it and probably some better equipped art schools might have the equipment.
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they are metal, in which case a paint stripper would do? looks like this might be the best way to go...
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also what is the difference between stripper and airplane stripper?
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