Iodyin for some ink!
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Looking for information on tattoo inks and iodine content.

It's time for me to get my first tattoo!, but I want to avoid potential complications with iodine. Currently I'm on a low-iodine diet in prep for a thyroid scan and uptake*. Do inks and pigments typically used by tattoo artists contain any iodine? If so, looking longterm, does that iodine ever "bleed" into the bloodstream or does it remain fixed in place?

*the scan is not related to a MRI, so I know there's no specific issues with iron oxide content
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Best answer: A quick CTRL + F for "iodine" on this page makes me think you're fine. I have 10 tattoos, and I've never heard of iodine in tattoo ink.
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Also, I second that article I just listed. A good artist will know what's in the ink they are using.
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Response by poster: Duh! I didn't even think to check over at bmezine! So, as long as I make sure that the artist uses a non-iodine disinfectant, I should be good to go! Thanks!
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