Help me find a cheap, used computer parts store specializing in laptop parts in San Francisco
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Hey folks. Long time reader, first time 'asker.' Help me find a cheap, used computer parts store in San Francisco - I'm particularly looking for Dell laptop parts. Just inherited a Dell D810 Latitude laptop - needs some love - almost free love, that's my budget... Any chance in getting a line on a used dell charger (type pa-10) or a used battery for a Latitiude d810 (type Y4367)? Anyone know of a recycle-ry that I can hit up for cheap? I've scouted ebay, put a call out on freecycle (Marin, SF), and scoured craigslist. Suggests?
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Can you make it to Sunnyvale? Possible check out Action Computer & Surplus.
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You could call up WeirdStuff Warehouse. It's in Sunnyvale so a trip down without knowing for sure they have what you need would be a waste.
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There's also HSC Electronics (Halted Speciality Company) in Sunnyvale.
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Sunnyvale resident here (yeah, Sunnyvale!). Have you tried freecycle for Sunnyvale or Santa Clara -- the heart of Silicon Valley? We have active lists and people often ask for specific parts. Can't vouch for whether or not such requests are successful, but they are pretty common here.
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I just found a pa-10 on ebay for $9.97/free shipping. But Sunnyvale sounds like fun, watch out for vampires ; -)
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