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Help me find the perfect bench. I'd like a bench for the entryway to our house. My style tends toward vintage and mid-century modern. What's the perfect bench I haven't found yet, ideally for less than $500? Examples of what I like inside.

Here are some benches that I like:
CB2 strap bench
maple bench
nelson bench
museum bench

Given that I like these, what else might I like?
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if you live near boston, I can make you a bench to your specifications. If you are not in Boston, there may well be woodworkers in your area who could custom make something. Pricing is dependent on materials (that maple bench has very unique piece of wood in it) and time spent, rather than on the brand name (nelson bench)
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Could you go to an architectural clearing house or other store that recycles building materials (Habitat for Humanity has a store in my city) and look for large pieces of wood? You could find some cool floorboards or a door or something that might make a nice tabletop.

You could get a smithy to make you some custom mcm-style legs, or order some from here.
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Some further ideas here.
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I'd been thinking about a bench for our entryway of in a similar style and size to the ones you posted, but it was pretty far down the list of priorities. Then in the midst of putting the house back together after repainting, my brilliant partner suggested using a vintage piano bench that we had because he prefers sitting in a chair to play the piano anyway. It looks really great... clean lines, fits with our other mid century stuff, and is the perfect size. So you might try including in your search.
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Best answer: Have you looked at It's not a slatted bench like you've shown, but I have seen this bench, if 18" isn't too wide, in the home of a fellow MeFite, and it looked very nice. I'll let her chime in, but I recall that they very good customer service.

Aaaaand... here you are.
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"The PS Rasken bench is constructed of solid birch instead of IKEA’s standard particle board and assembles without the need for any tools. The pieces lock into place when you sit." Price: $99.99.
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As Madamina pointed out, there are knockoffs available for pretty much any MCM product you can think of (except, for some reason I've yet to determine, George Nelson lamps). Also, that Nelson bench is usually available in black as well, if that's more appealing to you.
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You might want to consider an antique pig bench. They, er, are where they used to slaughter pigs - hence the cuts etc on the bench surface.

You can pick up examples in the UK for $500 equivalent. Nicer examples are much more. I can't imagine that similar benches are not available somewhere in the US and, given the French heritage perhaps in NOLA.
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Response by poster: Why do I always forget that Overstock has furniture? And that Nelson knock-off bench is pretty awesome -- and awesomely cheap! I am in New Orleans, so I should also really find some time to go check out antique shops. But I do love the idea of clicking some buttons from my office and magically making a bench appear in my home... Thanks for the input!
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