sick of Apartment Therapy
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I like looking at Apartment Therapy for tours and DIY ideas but it's gone annoying and stale. What are some other decor blogs with fresher content?

Apartment Therapy occasionally features tours of really great homes and fun decor/project ideas, but I'm mostly tired of it. Too much filler, way too many taxidermy deer heads, quirky giant letters hanging on walls, "Keep Calm" posters. It's too self-conscious and twee, and all the same. I need a place for fresh visual inspiration. Quirky is ok, but not if it's been done to death, and aspirational catalog looks are not what I'm looking for either. I want any blogs that feature real homes, small spaces are great, and authentic style. What should I read?
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Pinterest? Tons of architectural and interior design boards to follow on there.
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I really enjoy Young House Love a lot. They do a lot of projects with budget in mind.

I also do a lot of falling down rabbit holes on pinterest when look through home decor and then follow through to blogs.
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Here's a bunch. Some are more frequently updated than others, some don't only cover decor.

Door Sixteen
SF Girl by Bay
Abigail Ahern
Bright Bazaar
Decor Dots
This is...
Manhattan Nest
79 Ideas
From Scandinavia with Love
Emily Henderson
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Seconding Pinterest and Design*Sponge. There are lots of Tumblrs out there looking at architecture and design, too.

Maybe try Houzz? In addition to just browsing images, there are Houzz Tours.
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If you like Mid-Century Modern, I heartily recommend Retro Renovations. It's all about embracing MCM houses as they were (Save the Pink Bathrooms.)
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Small Spaces Blog
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I don't like their name, but Remodelista is pretty great. Each week they have a very loose 'theme' and sometimes that theme has no bearing whatsoever on my tastes, so I don't check in until the following week, but that's pretty rare. They do a good job of showing a good spread.
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I found Shoebox Dwelling to be fascinating. Usually about space-saving items, some of which are quirky, with entries on small space living maybe once a week.
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Design Files? They have an Australian Homes section and publish a new interior shoot every Wednesday.
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I like Houzz because there's just so much stuff of all kinds.
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Freunde von Freunden is a great site for house tours.
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Seconding Remodelista, they show spaces that are so well thought out and just ...beautiful that they frequently take my breath away.

Of course those spaces are often god-awful expensive, but so pretty!
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I know you said you are looking for blogs, but there are many subs on Reddit that might fit your bill. I'd start with /r/RoomPorn and then take a trip through the links on the sidebars to find other relevant subs (of which there are many). Since you are looking for "real homes", you might like /r/AmateurRoomPorn as well, if not more.
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