Yet another Halloween costume thread: '80s Edition
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Yet another Halloween costume thread: '80s Edition.

Already did the Rubik's thing. Looking for suggestions/examples of something similarly simple and cheap, based on iconic toys/games/video games/trinkets/devices. Net searches mostly come up with '80s fashion/people, so... I tried.

Ideas I've kicked around (and some might be pre-'80s, but are stuff well-remembered by Gen Xers at least): Magic 8 Ball, Magic Slate, Etch-a-Sketch, Simon, See-n-Say. Maybe a giant clump of Lego pieces?

I may also go with a variation of Joel's "Jiffy Pop" costume from MST3K (the missing child milk carton is much too dark).

Any further ideas for authentic "operatibility" would be great (like a light-up Simon). As would links for web galleries on this sort of theme. Thanks.
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Things that spring to mind: twister, pacman, mr potatohead. This might inspire you.
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A gameboy? I think those were more 90's, but I could buy it as '88 or '89.

Atari or Nintendo? Mario?
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I cannot tell you how to actually make these costumes work, but here are a few ideas: Lite Brite, Guess Who, or Dungeons and Dragons.
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Big purple bracket on either side of you. You're the bridge from Atari Adventure.
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This year, you will be Teddy Ruxpin.
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A boom box, examples:
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Pet Rock!
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An Etch-a-Sketch?

Seems pretty easy to make a costume--paint a box red, put some white buttons on it (styrofoam cups, maybe) for the dials, stand inside. Done!*

Here's an entire page of images of 1980s toys that might be helpful, too.

Hey, if you have an iPad, they actually have an Etch-a-Sketch case. Cool!
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Another 80s iconic toy: My Little Pony.
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I would make a speak and spell mask, and talk in that creepy robot voice all night.
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Best answer: Not a toy, but should be pretty easy: Trapper Keeper!
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Response by poster: I think of all these, the Trapper Keeper might be my favorite. Teddy Ruxpin would be too elaborate, although it looks like a couple people managed to pull it off, based on a Google image search.

Alas, I've decided to just go with a retro TV set head-piece made out of cardstock, with maybe an Indian head test pattern.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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Response by poster: For anyone curious, I put up the making of my costume on Instructables.
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