how to connect up the home?
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[maryland.ia]: cable, internet, phone - help me figure it out, please!

hi folks!

fios v. comcast v. regular verizon v. some unique combination? it's confusing.

how to get good wireless internet, a super basic landline (for emergencies), and maybe cable (we may just do netflix unless it makes $ sense because we rarely watch tv).

i can't figure out the lowest cost combo and i'm too new to the area to know about any special alternatives to the big companies. any recommendations?

thanks so much!
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Best answer: Check out White Fence. Your available options will depend on where in Maryland you are. But be leery of speed claims for DSL internet services. We had a Cavalier DSL/Phone bundle for a brief while because it was cheap and did not require a 2-year agreement, but we dropped it because their "up to 8 mbps" internet was about 2.5 mpbs in practice.
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I'd probably go with just FiOS internet.

The phone is going to be usually a bit expensive for limited usage. You may be best off with a Skype phone and a Skype plan with a number attached to it. Now it still requires your internet to be up, so it might not be as consistent as a true landline but its a dirt cheap option which gives us an inexpensive landline for our crappy AT&T cell service in SF.
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Maryland is a big place. In Baltimore City, I'm happy with Clear for net and my cell phone (TMO). Was actually shocked at how easy the Clear setup was.

Comcast customer service is not something you want to deal with, unless you are a complete emotional masochist.
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