Puzzle which can be arranged to look like anything you like!
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I am looking for the name of a puzzle (possibly of Japanese origin) the pieces of which can be arranged to look like any image you like.

From memory. You purchase the puzzle, go to a specific website and upload a picture. They provide you with an order for arranging the pieces so that it will resemble your picture. Its kinda like a jigsaw puzzle but I don't think the pieces interlock. Thanks.
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Not tangrams?
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Response by poster: Not tangrams?
No from a google tangrams are pretty simple, this is like those posters of Elvis made up of loads of tiny pictures of Elvis, except you can make any picture with them.
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Came in to say tangram, but are you thinking of a mosaic?
Although, I've never heard of buying a 'puzzle' then putting together your own.
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Best answer: You're thinking of Jigazo Puzzle (here's the Slashdot story).
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Response by poster: That is it!
Thanks a lot pmdboi.
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A similar toy, from a US company, is Pixelblocks. Bonus: the pieces do interlock and can also be used as a colorful 3D building toy. They used to have a free service, Digital Stained Glass Creator, to digitize your uploaded photos so that you could build them with the pixelblocks, but it's now been replaced on their site with an unconvincing "Coming Soon!" notice.
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