48 hours to solve email problem
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Need help/solution in 48 hours to solve outlook express email problem for ill friend?

I am currnetly in Ireland visiting a friend who is very ill with advanced motor neuron disease (ALS). Her primary means of communication with distant friends/family is email as she is unable to speak but quite alert and retains full hand/arm coordination. She is using Internet Explorer 7.0.6 , Windows Mail 6.0.6, dial up Eircom.net with Vista. When sending/receiving mail she is receiving this message:
Subject 'Hello', Account: 'mail2.eircom.net', Server: 'mail2.eircom.net', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '552 5.2.0 Hr4c1f01B2D949y01r4fxi Abusive content detected in your email', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 552, Error Number: 0x800CCC6D BTW--she has 50+ messages with the header "Hello".
I am unable to find a solution and this appears to intermittently/regularly interfer with her recieving/sending messages--after several "check mail" attempts it appears to then send or receive email. Response is very inconsistent. I have run a number of AV and Malware tools which I downloaded (AVG, MalwareBytes,Spybot) and the computer appears to be free of any problems. I assumed this would be the case as it is limited to email and this specific problem. She had installed Norton but the license expired several months ago. I deleted Norton and Installed AVG which is now working. No success with various searches.
I am leaving Friday PM and would like to get this resolved if I can. I can phone technical support but I am not sure who to call--calls will be expensive but I am more than willing to pay but I do not need an indefinite hold. As you might anticipate please do not suggest switching email, browsers, OS etc. Molly is very ill and new learning is not a priority. Thanks to for any help you can suggest. She is limited to dial up but I do have broadband at our cottage and have her computer with me. Thanks Again
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One: change her password and have Windows Mail save the new one.
Two: Call her e-mail provider and see if they've put some sort of block on her account because she has sent many e-mails with the exact same subject line. Spammers are known to sent out lots of e-mail with the same subject line, and their filters may be triggered by that.
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Looks like your friend's email address has been 'spoofed' by spammers, and now she is getting rejection emails from various mail servers (triggered by the recipients' mailboxes being full (error 552) and/or the "abusive content" (probably hyperlinks in the spam), where "Hello" was the subject in the original spam message. (Comments on this thread suggest that sending emails without hyperlinks in them and without attachments might work, but I think you might have a different problem, in that she didn't actually send the messages that are generating the error messages.)

Has this been happening for long? My work email address has been spoofed once or twice in the past few years, and I have received a large number of bounce/rejection notices, in a manner reminiscent of what you describe. They tapered off and stopped after a day or so...
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If her PC was infected with a virus/trojan she may have been blacklisted. I'd run some deep scans with a decent AV product to make sure she's not legitimately banned. Most banning these days is based on IP address and not email address as that's so easily spoofed. You can check her IP to make sure it's not blacklisted. There are a few places to go but start at Spamhaus and go from there.
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First thing: check her email settings. Be sure that mail1.eircom.net is set as her outgoing (SMTP) email server.

If mail2.eircom.net is listed in there, delete it.
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