Mountain View to San Francisco: Take The "A" Train?
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Since the Bridge School Benefit Concert will be on while I'm visiting San Francisco, I would really like to go (to both nights). Options for getting home afterwards seem limited, though, since CalTrain doesn't run very late.

I'll be staying in SF the days before the concert, and afterwards either in SF or heading off somewhere by (rented) car. My options seem to be (a) stay in Mountain View (the hotels there aren't very close to the venue, and the reviews I've read are pretty mixed); (b) get the CalTrain back to SF after the shows (do they end early enough (10:49 pm Sat, 9:19 pm Sun, plus venue-to-station travel time)?); or (c) get a ride back (anyone going?)

Any suggestions, or something I've missed entirely?
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I've taken CalTrain back to SF from the bridge school benefit, although it was a while back now. I'm pretty sure we went on Sunday to facilitate the train travel as the Sunday shows have to end earlier to meet the local noise regulations, although now that I think about it, we still left early as the headliner was Phish and we were not big hippies. So I'm not sure how helpful that is but there you go...

Re transport to/from the station, I believe we walked on the way there with a bunch of others from the train and took a cab back.

Have fun!
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Can you get a ride? I'm sure tons of people will be driving. Craigslist? Bring a sign to the show?
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I went to this a few years ago and it's really really worth going. you have tickets yet? It usually sells out very quickly.

Try the Pearl Jam 10 Club forum; there are usually a fair amount of friendly PJ fans who will hook you up.
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From someone who takes Caltrain every day: keep in mind that even if Caltrain ran all night, you're in for at least an hour's train ride back to SF. And that will be on top of however long it takes you to get thru the traffic mess at Shoreline post-concert, and the over to the Caltrain station. Sounds like a buzzkill, eh? Sorry.
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