Nose hair sketch?
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I cannot remember where I saw this comedy sketch.

It begins with a man who is trimming his nose hair. As the sketch progresses, his nose hair gets longer and bushier until eventually it gets so long, he has to carry it around in a shopping cart. I may not be remembering it right but that was the gist of it. I've checked 'Exit 57', 'Strangers With Candy' and 'Upright Citizens Brigade' but cannot seem to locate any reference to it.
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Are you sure it wasn't balls? South Park, Season 14, Episode 3: "Medicinal Fried Chicken." Randy puts his balls in the microwave in order to get cancer in order to get medicinal marijuana. His irradiated balls get so enormous that he has to push them around in a wheelbarrow.
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Response by poster: I do know for a fact it was nose hair. But balls are funny too.
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Best answer: I'm fairly certain it was on The Vacant Lot.
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Wikipedia saves the day!
This is one of my favorites of their sketches.
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Apparently from episode 4 of The Vacant Lot. I didn't see it on Youtube, but I'm picturing the short guy.
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Because I was apparently not looking hard enough.
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There was a kids in the hall sketch where Kevin McDonald played a businessman whose nose hair trimmer has dead batteries. By the time he is in attendance at his meeting, he has in desperation groomed his nose hair into a full beard, which works until he sneezes. I think I remember him being homeless at the end, having lost his job, and begging for batteries next to his shopping cart full of nose hair. I'd look for the video but I'm not in front of my pc :)
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Response by poster: I recognize the actor in those other sketches as the guy with the nose hair problem. Thanks Constant Reader.
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