Simple enough: a therapist in Baltimore!
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Asking for a friend: recommendations for a great therapist in the Baltimore area, preferably accessible via public transportation.

Some additional points:
* The friend I am asking for does not have a car, so access via public transportation would be most helpful. It would be especially great if they were located either around the Hopkins campus and/or main medical school, the Hopkins Bayview campus, or the Mount Vernon neighborhood.

* In terms of psychotherapeutic modality, either contemporary-psychodynamic or CBT would be amenable to my friend.

* General problems resemble depression and anxiety, so no need for specialists for other issues (e.g. BPD, OCD, phobias, PTSD, etc.)

Thanks so much, all!
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If your friend is a Hopkins student, there is a counseling center at Homewood and one at JHMI. I know that there are CBT practitioners available through Hopkins, though I'm not sure which campus my friend who did CBT was affiliated with at the time.
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Try the referral service at the MD Psychological Association:

(on a phone, couldn't make a proper link)
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Dan Buccino, 410-235-9200, located at The Rotunda, is excellent.
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Kennedy Krieger Institute has a great psychology department and is located right at the Hopkins Medical Campus (close to a number of bus lines and right on the subway). Johns Hopkins Bayview also has a really great child and adolescent psychiatry division that provides comprehensive services for therapy and psychiatry.
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