Which novel about teaching is this?
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Which novel have I forgotten the name of?

I read it as a teenager, but it's an adult book. It's about a teacher at a private school who is forced to teach a completely useless curriculum (a major subject is copperplate writing). She tries to teach Shakespeare at one point, which the students like, but which the parents think is lewd. There's also a lesson by the most boring chemistry teacher in the world, who never seems to get beyond the number of elements.

Question brought on by considering teaching English in Korea.
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Best answer: Maybe The Clergyman's Daughter by George Orwell?
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Response by poster: Yes! It was in a huge door stopper of an anthology, I remember now. And from the synopsis, what I described is only one chapter. It must have struck a chord. Thanks phoenixy.
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One of my favourite books - you can read it online.
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