Appropriate flex-time schedule?
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YANAD, but help a sleepy mid-twenties girl figure out her new flex-time work/sleep/play schedule.

New job has flex time (start 7-9, end 4-6pm). Standard shift is 8-5 with hour lunch, can have a half-hour lunch but must take a half-hour lunch. (could concievably be 8-4:30 with a half-hour lunch).

HISTORY: My last job was a lot more laid-back, I worked 9-5:45 or so and ate lunch at my desk, very seldom did I actually 'take" lunch.

PROBLEM: Getting up at 7 is, for whatever reason, killing me, in order to get to the office by 8. I've NEVER had a problem oversleeping--I want to emphasize that. I've never been late to anything, ever, because I overslept. I can absolutely get up with the alarm, it's just that it feels like bloody murder and I spent the first 30-45 minutes of being awake pleading and begging with myself to go back to bed.

At the moment I go to bed around 11 or 12 to get up at 7.

NAPS: I cannot nap. I tried napping the other day after work and lasted 14 minutes.

Please help me find a flex-time work schedule that will accommodate my sleeping needs while also making sure I'm not there until 6 p.m.

Should I take a half-hour lunch and work 9-5:30?

I spend most of my late evenings with a significant other, who at present lives 10-15 minutes away, however, I'll be moving soon to live 20-25 minutes away. I don't want to cut into our time together by needing to leave early to go to sleep, so I'm favoring a later schedule.

Do you have any suggestions? Should I start taking naps in the afternoon? Could I conceivably do an earlier schedule (8-5, 7:30-4/4:30 depending on the lunch) and manage my evening activities (happy hour, things around the house, significant other) without having to cut out, if I started napping? What else can I do?
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Just work the same schedule you used to? 9-5:45 or so? I don't see the problem.
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In fact, if you take a half hour lunch, you'll be there from 9-5:30, which is earlier than you used to get off and you won't be there until 6.
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Yeah, I'm with proj.

9-6 is the 9-hour, 1-hour lunch schedule. If you do 9-5:30, with a half-hour lunch, then you're on basically the same schedule you were before. You could even take a 45-minute lunch, and be on exactly the schedule you were before.

Or is the issue that it's "flex time", but what they really mean is, "The hours are 8-5; but no worries if you show up late sometimes, just work it off that evening"?
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PROBLEM: Getting up at 7 is, for whatever reason, killing me, in order to get to the office by 8.

How long have you been doing this? It may take your body a little while to adjust. Try going to bed earlier (than midnight, anyway).

Or do what proj said.
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You can try getting up even earlier (say, 5) for a week; then getting up at 7 will be a relief. But really, the main thing is getting your minimum number of sleep hours, which tends to be 8-9 hours for most people. This probably means going to bed earlier. Having often been the SO who is a night owl opposite someone who wants to wake up at 7am, it takes some adjusting, but is doable.....

15-20minutes is actually pretty optimal for nap length. The 'power nap' gets rid of drowsiness, without being so long that you want to stay in bed for three hours. Short naps are incredibly effective.
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I agree with the 9-5:30 plan. Sounds like your body is already adjusted to that, why change?
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