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Can you recommend a therapist in the Seattle area that works on a sliding scale and is good at helping people set goals?

I feel stuck in several aspects of my life, including my career, long-term goals and even my romantic situation. I think I need a life coach/therapist to help me talk through some big decisions and help me to figure out and prioritize my long-term goals and how to get my actions to line up with these goals.

I'm a grad student, and therefore covered for mental health at the student health center, but I have found the experience to be frustrating. The staff is understandably focused on people with more serious mental health issues. Due to this demand on limited staff, it's hard to get in to see a provider more regularly than once a month and I spend half the session reminding the person of who I am, etc.

Ideally the person I see would be somewhat understanding of academia and women in sciences and have some experience working with ADHD-like personalities, who would be willing to meet on a weekly basis for the next few months. I'm looking for someone to help me get over my anxiety and indecision, and get stuff done.

This question is anonymous for obvious reasons, like the fact that I'm revealing my location. If you prefer to contact me privately, my throwaway email: stuckforreal@gmail.com
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Your local community health center likely has an integrated behavioral health professional that will work on a sliding schedule.
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