No receipt, no dice?
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Exchanging a product under warranty without a receipt. Am I SOL?

So back in June, I bought a new power adapter for my 3.5 year old MacBook- a MagSafe Power adapter from Best Buy. A few days ago, the adapter stopped charging my computer. It's only 3 months old. Fortunately, it's under warranty, which I still have.

However, I bought the adapter from Best Buy and I no longer have the receipt. I know, STUPID I've been looking all over the place. I do have the box it came in, which has the serial number and everything on it with the warranty inside but just no receipt. I called Apple and they said to take it back to the place I bought it.

Am I just SOL, or will Best Buy possibly exchange the product? Also, I think I paid cash for it, because I don't have anything on my credit or debit card statement from Best Buy. I really can't believe this thing quit after only 3 months, never mind the fact it cost about $80 to begin with.
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Buy a new one, get a receipt and return the broken one.
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Response by poster: Really? This is a great idea.
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Don't do that to the *employees* of Best Buy. If someone found out about it, the associate who takes your return (through no fault of their own) could be fired. Additionally, unless your old charger is in pristine condition, you could get caught and refused.

If you paid with credit card or have a Reward Zone card, they can look up your receipt. And, as long as it's under warranty, you're allowed to return it within the terms of return policy under warranty.
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Response by poster: That's the problem: I'm pretty sure I paid with cash. UGH! I almost never do this and now I'm hating myself.
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If you're really, really nice about, and apologize profusely for not having the receipt, they'll probably take it back. I find that a little nicety goes a long, long way.

In any case, you're no worse off if they don't take it back, you know? Back to square one and all that. It's worth a shot.
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Most of these devices have a serial number/other indication of when they were made. This will usually be within 3ish months of when the device was sold to you - So, if that date is still within the warranty period, the original manufacturer should still service it without a receipt.

Presumably this MagSafe adapter is an Apple-branded original and not some knockoff. Contact Apple and see what they say.
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What Rendus said...
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Just go back to Best Buy and I'd be very surprised if they didn't exchange it for you. Most people don't save receipts. As long as you don't look like you shoplifted it in order to return it for cash (which you don't, if what you want is a replacement), they will be happy to replace it without a receipt because they want to keep you as a customer.
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This recent column lists Best Buy among stores giving refunds without receipts, FWIW.
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Go back to Best Buy and give it a go. Be nice and friendly and apologise for not having the receipt, and you never know.

My mother once managed to return a twenty-year old kettle to Boots without a receipt. (I think she got an arbitrary amount of store credit or something for it, since they hadn't stocked it in about ten years and couldn't work out how much it had cost in the first place.) And this is in the UK, where we seem a lot less enthusiastic about our customer service than in the US. Seriously, try it.
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If you live near an Apple store, you might consider taking it in to the genius bar. In my experience, they will test it to confirm that it's not working and then hand you a new one. Your mileage may vary, but it's worth a shot.
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