Free to be my Nut Butter?
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Where can I buy this brand of Free Nut Butter in Toronto?

The Big Carrot has stopped carrying it (it doesn't meet the manager's criteria any longer and the two other brands they carry aren't good substitutes for us) - though I can order a case through them if I really need to. I don't want to order a case, but if it comes down to it, I guess I'll have to.

The two online places where I've found it available are either currently out of stock or have a minimum order - I don't want fifty dollars worth, maybe three or four jars. I may as well order a case from the Big Carrot then. And I kind of want it this week.

I can't seem to find a way to contact the company who makes it to find out who stocks it. I recycled our last jar after it was empty, so I don't have one to look at for contact info.

It is the weegood's favourite spread, and it's safe for our school, and for most of our playdates, and I'd really really really like to buy more soon!

Please let me know if you know where I can walk in somewhere and get it, or if there's a better way to order a small quantity, or if there's a way to contact the company to find a list of stockists? Thanks, in anticipation of any response!
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I would try Qi (Roncesvalles) and Noah's (various locations, but I'd try Yonge and Eg), or Tutti Frutti (Kensington).
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Response by poster: Thanks, dobbs - I've tried a Noah's and no go.

I'm hoping to avoid dashed hopes as much as all that running around - please, if anyone ever sees it and says "Hey, peagood, you can walk into this place and buy it today", I will. And your very own jar FreeNut Butter is on me, if you'd like. I need some that much!
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