What are your experiences using Virgin Mobile in Oakland, CA?
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What are your experiences using Virgin Mobile in Oakland, CA? I'm feeling lured away from T-Mobile by the siren song of VM's $25 plan in conjunction with the upcoming Android.

Specifically, I live on the south side of Lake Merritt, work in Rockridge, and I often visit downtown SF and the Mission. I will be canceling my home internet & using the phone for (not very much) talk, text, and some internet like gmail, maps, and finding random info like the hours at the library. I'm a little gun-shy because I've had zero problems with TM in 10 years, but saving some change would really help out these days.

Did you make the switch to VM in Oakland? What made you regret it or wish you'd done it sooner?
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Virgin Mobile uses the Sprint Network - you can see comments on coverage at CellReception.com in each of the areas you care about.
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Just know that Virgin is Sprint minus Sprint's roaming agreements (which is how Virgin can be so inexpensive), so you can't just ask your friend with Sprint what his/her coverage is like and assume Virgin will be identical.

Case in point: When I had Sprint, my phone worked at my parents' house, because it could roam on Verizon's network. When I had Virgin, my phone became useless until I got back into an area with a strong Sprint signal.
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