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For some reason my local PO could not deliver two packages to my workplace. Should I write them off as forever lost? (Anon in case sellers mentioned use AskMeFi.)

In August I ordered some items through the Amazon marketplace and had them shipped to my work address so there'd be someone to sign for them. I work in an office suite building and I made sure to include the suite number in the address.

One package had a tracking number, the other did not.

For some reason the local PO decided to just send back the package with the tracking number because they claimed it was "undeliverable as addressed." The one without the tracking number seems to have been sucked into a black hole.

I contacted the sellers about the problem, and they said they'd keep an eye out for the returned packages. So far there's been no update from either of them. Should I contact them again? I don't want to seem like a nag, since I feel that USPS is at fault here (we get packages at work all the time, so I don't see how these two specifically could've fallen through the cracks.) I'd rather get my items than ask for a refund. Do I have any form of recourse here? Should I get Amazon to intervene, if possible?
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since I feel that USPS is at fault here

The sellers could have written down your address wrong on the box by accident or bad handwriting/damage made it illegible . Or deliberately wrote down a wrong address as part of a scam, then sent an empty box into the void, just to get a tracking number to give you.

If you have given up on the seller delivering the goods, I'd start with your payment method's dispute system, ie paypal or Visa/MC.
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It's the seller's responsibility to make sure the item arrives, so the sellers will have to refund you.
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You paid for something, and didn't receive it. If they won't readily either ship you another one or refund your money, you should file a dispute with Amazon and/or your payment method (PayPal or your credit card company).
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The Post Office delivers not only to specific addresses, but also to specific names at that address. If someone addresses a letter to Mr. Jones at Mr. Smith's address, it is not supposed to be delivered there. Often, the carrier will know that Mr. Jones also receives mail at that address and goes ahead and delivers what is considered as mis-addressed mail. If you told Amazon to deliver to Ms. Anonymous at suite such and such, (and you had a substitute carrier that day) it is possible that the packages were sent back via the vast Black Hole of the postal system. If, on the other hand, you told them to deliver it to XYZ Company, Attention: Ms. Anonymous, it should have been delivered.
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I've had a similar situation happen (although in my case the leasing office misplaced my package) and Amazon handled it extremely well. The tracking number showed the package was delivered, but I told Amazon I never received the package. Amazon told me that since a Marketplace vendor sold me the product, Amazon would just refund the money. I then immediatly ordered a new product from the same seller and got it 2 days latter.

Two weeks after that, the original package was found in my leasing office's store room.

So, just tell Amazon you never received the package.
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I used to "lose" packages all the time, until I got the actual phone number to my local PO, and used it. I call if the mail's late, if it's in the wrong box, etc. I live in downtown LA, and our postal service is terrible.

I would tell Amazon and get a refund, but I'd also let your local PO and carrier know that packages have gone astray, and you're acutely aware of how long things should take, etc. Getting to know your actual carrier is very helpful as well.
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