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I am looking for a large outdoor box to receive packages securely.

We do most of our shopping inline and I am looking for a large outdoor box to receive packages from ups / fedex / usps. Want to prevent the theft of packages left at the front door. Or worse having to chase the delivery guy once he / she leaves a failed delivery attempt sticker at the front door.

The unit should he weather proof and to be located on the street side of a long driveway. It should be able to receive multiple individual deliveries. And large enough to hold a couple of boxes.

Either a free standing unit or something that needs to be build into the wall.
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Here are a few.
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And more. The search term you want is package drop box.
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When I was delivering mail for the USPS on a rural route, I appreciated the people who had made their large brick roadside mailboxes in such a way that it was recessed and open on the back, not on the front. In other words, there was a hollow underneath the mailbox part at the rear that was quite large (maybe 2'x1.5'?). The magic part of this is that the hollow was invisible from the road. Even driving or standing right next to the mailbox, on the road, you could not tell if there was a package in there. Only from the backside could you see it. Even not being 'secure', it was a pretty secure set up. And it saved me from having to drive up to the house and look for a 'safe' place to put the package.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the quick replies.
Anything bigger?
Perhaps something like the rotating slot like you can find on a self service station of the post office. I still need to build the entry to the driveway and would like to incorporate this into the masoned wall.
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Response by poster: Found it thanks to Admiral Haddock I found the correct search term to use: "Delivery Vault"

Fist search came up with this solution, a great start :-)
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