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I need software to generate an RSS feed from a revision control repository, complete with commitdiff output.

I have a (very) small project, the goal of which is to generate an RSS feed of changes to a set of webpages (think job postings or Terms of Service). What's more important to me is not the fact that the page as changed so much as what the change was. Currently I use an SVN repository and webSVN for the feed, but it only provides the log message and which files changed.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a VCS to RSS tool that includes diffs in the RSS. I'm not really wed to SVN, but I'd prefer it be free, open source, and ideally installable in Ubuntu. I know I could write my own with post commit hooks or perl, or tweak webSVN, but if someone's already done the work I'd just as soon work on parts nobody's done yet.

Anyone using or know of something that fits the bill?
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Dorai Thodla's Infominder - I notice now its not really "free" but on a 30 day trial offer but he may have other versions available
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