What the hell did I play back then?
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I'm trying to figure out which older PC adventure game I played back in the 90s, and want to play again.

I don't know exactly when this came out, my memories are a bit vague. Firstly, the graphical style is ODD. It doesn't use traditional 3d, the figures are made up of a series of spheres, and move in a somewhat cartoonish fashion. The perspective is third-person, following camera.

It's a fantasy/medieval setting, and it starts off with the player walking up a hill into a town, and exploring a bit.

I don't remember much other than finding it very difficult at the time.

Any ideas at all?
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Do you remember anything about the opening graphics?
posted by parmanparman at 11:01 AM on October 2, 2010

It's not Rayman, is it? Are the graphics 3d (with depth) or 2d (side-scroller)? Would you describe the gameplay as action-oriented, or puzzle-oriented, or more like an RPG?
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Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure, maybe?
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Response by poster: @parmanparman
No, actually I feel like there weren't any, which doesn't seem right, but I feel as though the game just *started*.

@The Winsome Parker Lewis
Nope. The graphics were 3d but didn't seem polygonal, the characters were made up of small spheres, and seemed i guess.. bouncy, for lack of a better word. The gameplay had a bit of action, but i think there were only one or two fight scenes I can recall.. More exploration. and i could be wrong about this, I THINK the fights were with werewolves?

Nope. Similar graphical style, but the camera's behind the character, not isometric like in that one.\

Thanks anyway though. ALSO I feel like there was an "x" in the name somewhere.
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Normally I wouldn't use this to answer a question, but Chrontendo did a small history of adventure games. I'm guessing it would be in Episode 32's time frame, but here's Episode 31 in case that helps too.
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Response by poster: @theichibun
I appreciate the links, but this was a pc game, not NES.
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Best answer: Ecstatica?
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Response by poster: YES. It was Ecstatica. Thank you so much. Cheers.
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No problem. That game was so bizarre!
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Yeah, I caught that part of your description. These episodes have a special he did on adventure games that reaches across systems. Most of what he looks at in the adventure game part is PC games rather than console.
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