Identify this creepy voodoo movie
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Identify this scary movie: Young couple staying in a creepy (Louisiana?) house. The big finale is they are murdered and an old voodoo-practicing couple take over their bodies.

I saw the very end of a movie a while ago and now I’m trying to remember the name. At least at the end of the story, a young couple are in a creepy old house with (or caring for) an old woman who is being tormented by spirits. There’s a lot of voodoo looking stuff going on and perhaps neighbors who seem to be trying to kill the old woman. At one point the young woman is with the old woman in her room and puts things in the doorway which the evil spirits can't cross (so the creepy neighbor gets stuck at the doorframe perhaps).

The husband of the young couple is acting fishy (already possessed?). The big finale is that the young couple is killed and a voodoo priestess and her husband take over their bodies. We realize that they have been moving from body to body for many generations to stay together. Seemed like a Stephen King movie, but I can’t find anything.

Surely someone will know just what I’m talking about and I thank you in advance. Bonus if you let me know whether it's worth watching from the beginning.
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Best answer: It's not The Skeleton Key, is it?
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Best answer: The Skeleton Key?
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Response by poster: Yes, Thank you!!! I had a vague image of the husband, but couldn't quite place him.

So, is it any good if you watch from the beginning?
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I definitely give the film a thumbs-up. It's not ambitious or brilliant, but it's tautly constructed and quite engaging. It does what it sets out to do extremely well.
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I just saw this the other night! I thought the end was the best part, definitely, but it wasn't a horrible waste of [however many minutes the movie runs]. I'm not a huge creepy-movie fan, but it's very watchable.
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Yeah, I'll throw in my hat and say it's worth watching from the beginning.
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