Concert alerts?
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Upcoming concert alerts: What's the best service that will email me when a selected set of bands are coming to a particular town?
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It doesn't email you, but I use iConcertCal.
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Gigbot is handy, though I'm not sure it will email you. Once you set up an account, the homepage lists all the upcoming shows in your area.
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Best answer: songkick seems to do just that. I've also heard that has such functionality.
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I use Bandsintown and Tourfilter (defaults to Boston but they have other cities; I've used it for NYC, Philadelphia, and Austin). I've also tried Eventful but haven't been very happy with it.

My experience is that one service isn't enough, but I'm pretty happy with the coverage I get for the bands I want between those two and the Growl popups from iConcertCal in iTunes (Mac).
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I love Sonic Living.

It gives more false positives than false negatives, however. For example, if you like the pop star Annie, you will always get local productions of the musical Annie on your alerts.
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I sign up on my favorite band's & local venue's email lists. I use a special email address for all that stuff and filter it. Bingo, personalized entertainment calendar.
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Chairface has it. For indie bands and responsible music consumership, they're your friends. Sign up for the lists, and filter the emails in Gmail. Buy records. Being on the lists lets you be part of the community rather than a gleaner picking things off of a meta web service.
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I second Sonic Living.
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SonicLiving changed my life. The false positives in email are easy to mentally filter. The biggest problem I have now is spending too much money on shows.
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