How can I tell if a feed is no longer active in Google Reader?
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Is there a way to locate any feeds in Google Reader that have not been updated in x days?

Often a feed I subscribe to will break or the site will move, and I won't realize for months that the feed hasn't been updating. This led me to wonder how many of the (many!) feeds I'm subscribed to haven't actually updated in a while. Is there some utility that will allow me to easily check this, other than manually clicking through every one of my feeds to see when it was last updated?
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Best answer: Trends --> subscription trends --> click Inactive.
posted by sharkfu at 3:01 PM on October 1, 2010

Response by poster: Hoo boy. I've used the Helvetireader user script for some long I had no idea what GR looked like anymore. Didn't even know there was a Trends button. Thanks, sharkfu!
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Response by poster: er, so long...
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Ooh, thanks! Any way to batch delete inactives? Or do I have to do one-at-a-time?
posted by Fortran at 3:16 PM on October 1, 2010

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