Help me identify this Spanish-language song I heard in San Francisco!
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During a recent trip to the Mission District in San Francisco, I kept hearing a Spanish-language song with a pronounced violin section. What was it?

The song was playing on the radio, in the streets, etc.-- pretty ubiquitous. I've checked the top 20 Billboard Latin America and Mexican charts, to no avail. Any guesses?
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Can you describe any other parts of the song? Is it like hip hop, reggae, polka? Is it fast or slow? What does the singer sound like? Is there an accordion? Is there always violin?
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It's a slow song. The violin section plays a slightly sad, ballad melody, reminiscent of Spanish pop songs from the 60s, but the vocals sound modern (the singer is male). The violin section plays in the chorus, and I believe during other parts of the song as well. Hope that helps...
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Is it this?
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Assuming that is the right song, my source was the current hits list at Radio Rey, one of our local radio stations in Minneapolis, MN.
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Thanks ramenopres, but that's not it. Sounds close though.
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Are you absolutely certain it was Spanish and not Italian?

Because recently a record of revamped 60s Italian pop songs and ballads (Mondo Cane) was released by a contemporary vocalist (Mike Patton), backed by a 40-piece orchestra, who happens to also live in San Francisco.

Senza Fine sounds like a likely suspect, but all the songs from the live performance are available on YouTube. Take a gander.
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(Upon further inspection of your profile, I'm sure you know the difference between Spanish and Italian. Sorry. Just taking a wild guess.)
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I'm probably waaaaaay off here, because this doesn't involve a violin nor is it in Spanish, but it was the first thing I thought of when reading your question: Edward Maya -- Stereo Love It was a huge hit when I was living in Europe; now it seems to be gaining popularity in the US and I randomly hear it everywhere.
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